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A Pop Surrealist watercolor of two squid headed women embracing by Sarah Rocheleau A Pop Surrealist watercolor of a nird headed woman. The bird head being that of a spotted pardalote Released is a Pop Surrealist watercolor of a Deer Headed Woman A Pop Surrealist Oil on canvas painting of two women on a bed with a cockatiel below them A Pop Surrealist watercolor Painting of a Bunny Headed Woman. This is a homage to Betty Page A 50's and 60's pinup star A Pop Surrealist watercolor of a bird headed woman Pop Surrealist watercolor of a deer headed woman filling her car with gas. An homage to the pinup art of the 50's and 60's A Pop Surrealist watercolor of a Yak headed woman wearing a leopard print. She sits on her legs astride acheetah A Pop Surrealist oil on canvas painting of 2 Mushrrom headed women  and their bird A Pop Art Pop Surrealism Acrylic on Canvas of the artist's friend Regina portraying Esteelah the main character in the Artist's first graphic novel Pop Surrealist watercolor painting of the Dog Colin as the blue boy Pop Surrealist Oil on Canvas Painting of an Angel and a Demon in an emrace. Are they falling or rising?