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A Fantasy Art watercolor of two animal headed humins sharing a hammock A Fantasy Art watercolor of a Deer Headed Women who has roses in her ears MoonlightSonata is a Fantasy Art watercolor of a fox headed man serenading to a Jackalope A Fantasy Art watercolor Painting of a Bunny Headed Woman. This is a homage to Betty Page A 50's and 60's pinup star A Fantasy Art watercolor of a Dog headed Woman wearing aVictorian dress A Pop Art Pop Surrealism Acrylic on Canvas of the artist's friend Regina portraying Esteelah the main character in the Artist's first graphic novel Fantasy Art watercolor of a deer headed woman filling her car with gas. An homage to the pinup art of the 50's and 60's A Pop Surrealist watercolor of a Yak headed woman wearing a leopard print. She sits on her legs astride a cheetah A Fantasy Art Oil on Canvas of two Cuttlefish headed humans embracing A Fantasy Art watercolor painting of a Fox and a Jackalope embracing Pop Surrealist Oil on Canvas Painting of an Angel and a Demon in an ebmrace. Are they falling or rising?


July 26th - Studio 414 -Pendleton Art Center

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